Honest Materials : Inspired Design : Craftsmanship

The saying goes, every great accomplishment is 10% Inspiration and 90% Perspiration. We try not not sweat it, but crafting beautiful small pieces of art gets involved. It's a production. So, we turn it around for you: join us in the inspiration part, and we work to produce your vision.

Inspired design: We collaborate with exceptional illustrators, graphic designers and lettering artists. Happily, technology makes online collaboration possible. However, some work is still done the old fashioned way; pads of art paper, ink and good pens. Getting a near approximation before production is sometimes the best we can do. Until we look at the first pieces off the press, we all must share the process of imagining, and communicate well with each other, so we all get a sense of what that imagining looks like.

Honest Materials: Sustainable, exceptional materials are foundational to our work since we started in 1995. Because of our years of familiarity with exotic papers, we have a good idea of what will work and what will fall short. We have access to a broad range of handmade papers, artisan fine art papers, alternative fiber papers, impressive cotton papers, and handsome, robust 100% post consumer recycled papers.

Craftsmanship: Fine printing principles inform everything we do. With backgrounds in art, fine press, bookbinding, papermaking, handset type, wood engraving, typography, history, and a love of futurism, we like to bring as many skills to the table as anyone would need.