Meet the 3 Muse Press ever-growing gang of Muse-makers. We dream, tinker, then persevere until your project is brilliantly realized. For years we have created elaborate custom invitations and presentation materials for a select group of clients. Most of us got together during the Fine Paper Company years(Old Town Pasadena). We were pioneers in matching very fine papers with letterpress printing to explore modern design elements with old world technologies.

Eventually, Scott and Helen founded They took what they learned, and made affordable, eco couture DIY wedding stationery for couples with high standards but not high budgets. Couples could get a great look that they could customize, use sustainable, eco materials, and help educate families and friends about the quality options available for green weddings. InviteSite has worked with over 35,000 couples, helping them green their weddings.

3Muse Press gives a name to these collaborations.

Scott Rubel: Scott Rubel Rubel's early years were occupied building a castle with Michael Rubel (his uncle) from concrete, recycled railroad trestle timber, and river rock. Completed in 1986, this six-story, two-acre structure has been featured in many human interest stories, including the often televised Huell Howser PBS series "California's Gold." One of Scott's print studios is located there. Rubel Pharms is considered to be one of the first buildings created from recycled materials and found objects. Noted environmental writer John McPhee wrote about Rubel Pharms in The Control of Nature. A skilled draftsman, engraver and digital artist, typographer and letterpress printer since 1982, Scott uses his many talents in developing Invitesite's stationery lines.

Helen Driscoll: Founded Fine Paper Company, Old Town Pasadena, in 1995, after selling rare books at the largest antiquarian shop in the US. She specialized in Fine Press and also build collections for Hollywood elite. She wanted to bring the depth of quality the Fine Press movement created, back into the marketplace. Helen joined a local group of letterpress enthusiasts in 1996, to learn the art of letterpress printing. She and Scott founded after working together at Fine Paper Co.

Cindy Driscoll: With a background in fashion as both a working model, and as a stylist and faux finish expert, Cindy brings a great sense of style, humor and organization to any project she puts her focus on. She loves working with color and scale. Her current favs are raw wood, stones and other nymph of the glade atmospherics.

Bonnie Nelson: A master calligrapher, Bonnie has lettered numerous props in movies, including all the Amaric in the movie Stigmata. Her specialty is brush lettering, but her flourished formal script is equally gorgeous.